My Winter Bucket List

My Winter Bucket List

As it’s the last day of Autumn, and Winter is just around the corner, I thought it would be a really cool idea to share with you my ‘Bucket list’ for the winter months! I have never done this before, I do however have a full bucket list, a life bucket list if you will, but never a seasonal one! I guess this season is perfect for changes! Now for the first thing on my bucket list…..make a bucket list..

1. Go Ice Skating!

Now, I realise you can go ice skating all year round, but I just feel like theres nothing better than ice skating in the freezing temperatures of winter. It’s not cold enough where I am to ice-skate on lakes, although that’s deffs a life goal, but we do have venues around town where it is doable. Although, before I go, I think I need to perfect my skating because I am notorious for falling on my behind. *embarassed*

2. Go to the snow!

I luuuvvvvvvv the snow. You won’t catch me on the slopes as I’m as uncoordinated as they come, and frankly I suck…but I can make snow angels?! If that’s any consolation! haha I want to drag my boyfriend, Mitch along, pop up to Mount Selwyn or Thredbo and just make a day out of it! I think it would be lovely. AND MAKE A SNOW MAN! Because I am 24 and never made a snow man….*queue laughing*

3. Stock up on my winter wardrobe

This one is more of a personal one for me. Truth be told, I went through a stage where I wasn’t really comfortable with my body, so I thought not buying clothes would make me more inclined to change that. Now, I am older and wiser and no longer listen to that evil voice inside my head, although that is something I still want to change, I don’t let it define me or make my decisions for me. So something so small as buying clothes for winter, personally is so big.

4. Go to a Winter Festival!

This year, I am making myself go to the event I’ve wanted to for a while now! The Winter Festival! I live in Canberra, the capital of Australia, and although it has pretty much nothing to do, they TRY and put on a winter festival. So this year I’ve decided to attend! Ill let you know how it goes in photo’s!

5. Rent a Cabin

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, but am wayyyy to scared to, is rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere ( obvs within reason) and just unwind, relax and get inspired. I feel like I need to get back in touch with my mind/body and doing this will help incredibly! Maybe winter time isn’t the best time to this, but it’s worth a try! Nice warm wood burning fire to keep me warm whilst roasting marshmallows? Yes Please! That sounds like a dream.


There are many more things I want to do but I decided to pick my top 5.

I hope this helps any of you who are searching for ideas of what to do during winter!

Let me know down below if you have done any of these, or have any more ideas to add to my list! <3


Mikki xx

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