Tarte Cosmetics | Frixxtion Stick | First Look

Tarte Cosmetics | Frixxtion Stick | First Look [dropcap custom_class=”normal”]A nice quick one for today!

This is a brand new product to my ever growing collection of skincare products!

I am a firm believer in exfoliating your skin and this one does a bloody good job of it!

I have only used it a couple of times now, but from the first ever use, I was drawn in. My skin felt absolutely INCREDIBLE![/dropcap]


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As per directions, you put it on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Sort of like war paint – haha! (It’s also an incredibly dark colour, so you look like you’ve just come from the dark ages! 😛 )

I would recommend using this maybe twice or three times a week as it is a quite rough exfoliant, and you wouldn’t want it to hurt you! Chemical burn is notttt a fun thing!

Have you tried any tarte skincare? Im actually pleasantly suprised. usually I have this thing about makeup brands making skincare products, but I just think Tarte have nailed this!

Let me know what you think! <3 xx

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