Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Hand Food


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Hand creams are one of those products that I am always on the look out for. Sitting here typing this and looking around my room, I can count 6 full bottles of hand cream. I use every single one of them. I have citrus ones, floral scented ones, shea butter ones and pretty much every other scent under the sun!

Now that we are getting into winter, my skin is soooooo dry and chapped. I am lucky in the respect that my hands don’t crack as per say, but I do get very dry palms.

When I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, I went into the big Mecca Maxima there and was instantly drawn to the wonderful soap and glory products. The Hand Food* was the only one I picked up on that particular shopping trip, but I’m desperate to get my hands on more of their products.

Soap & Glory have always been one of those brands that I am totally obsessed with but can’t buy in any store here in Canberra. (Although, whilst writing this I just had the thought of why I don’t just buy it online and I’m probably going to do that straight after this post) I miss the elegant smells and creamy consistencies of their body washes. Derpppppp. ( Their scrub is also to dieeeeeee for) I have done a review on some of their products in this post if you wanted to go and have a looky look!

The Hand Food has this beautifully subtle scent that is almost floral but sweet with hints of Rose and Bergamot. I love the non-greasy formulation, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft, smelling lovely and most importantly, moisturised.

I am literally so obsessed with the packaging of this product. It’s so cute, and pink! Who doesn’t love a good pink product!

The consistency is a nice thick lotion, that is subtly scented and is amazing for everyday use. It’s not as thick as some hand creams like the Loccitane one is but, I think it’s thick enough to give your dry chapped hands a moisturising treat!


Have you tried any soap and glory products?

What is your all time favourite hand cream?!


Mikki xx

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