Newest Beauty Finds | 3INA

Newest Beauty Finds | 3INA

A couple of weeks ago, the Canberra Centre opened up their new beauty district. One of the new stores I came across was 3INA ( Pronounced MINA).

They have one of the most aesthetically pleasing shops I’ve come across. They have a million different shades of a million different colours of nail polishes! (Not literally, that would be so cool though!)

And pretty much one of every other thing you can think of. Including, face masks!

I picked up ‘The Fixing Spray’, ‘The Highlight’ and ‘The Setting Powder’ They don’t have specific names for their products, which I think is quite unique.

I also picked up a powder brush (yep, you guessed it! It’s called ” The powder brush’ *queue hysteria*) butttt I’m such a pro that I forgot to take a photo of it 😛 haha

I haven’t used the highlight much, but it didn’t seem to be that pigmented. I could be wrong, it could also be the brush that I was using too. I’m not sure!

I have however, used the setting powder an awful lot! I lurveeee it! My skin has an automatic flawless finish when using this powder, I actually love it over liquid foundation.

All in all, I’m actually quite impressed with 3ina. For a pretty reasonably priced brand, it’s actually not too bad! The setting powder is super pigmented (if white can be pigmented haha) and sets my foundation really well.

I am going to dive into the 3ina nail polish range next time I’m there, I think! I can’t wait to have pretty nails again!

Have you ever tried 3ina?! Let me know what you think! <3

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