opi mini, OPI, beauty, nail polish, polish, nail, paint, varnish

OPI have one of the worlds biggest collection of nail polish colours. I am a HUGE lover of OPI, so naturally, when I got my hands on their miniature collection, I went a bit cray cray. I am a huge fan of the staying power and how EASY it is to apply!

opi mini, OPI, beauty, nail polish, polish, nail, paint, varnish

I thought I would divide this post into colours. So, if you’re looking for a specific colour! You can just by past to that!

P.s, this isn’t all of their colours. I got all of the miniature colours in a collection a couple of months ago (not gonna lie, around Christmas time……haha) and am not sure it’s still in stock. NOR, do I know what the name of the collection was?! (Im so good at this haha) But I guess you could see what they have colour wise! haha

Light Pink

Pink nail polish just has to be my favourite nail polish colour ever made. I feel you can’t go wrong with a pink nail. Personally, I love a pink nail in springtime as I feel spring is one of the happiest(?) seasons and I just love the flowers, and I feel people are just in more of a happier vibe. *Sighs with contentment*

Light pinks are a colour I tend to wear more in the springtime!

Dark Pink

Dark pink colours are colours I wear in autumn/winter. I love me a pink, so I have to wear them all year round!

Although, I don’t know if I’d think these were more red than pink…

Browns, Blacks, Whites & Sparkles

These are a bunch of random colours that I don’t generally use. Although, looking more closely at this photo whilst typing this has made me REALLY want to try out the green on the left. haha

I love white nail polish. I just think it looks so sophisticated and elegant. I haven’t really ever worn blue nail polish’s or glittery ones, but I do really want to try and wear at least one of these blues and glitters. 🙂

Here are a couple of reds I have. I haven’t used any of the dark maroon colours yet, but it is winter and so I really want  to try these extra dark reds this season.

As for the brighter reds, I am a HUGE lover of reds as well. Again, I think they’re super sophisticated and elegant.

And there you have it! My entire OPI collection range! I hope you liked this post and got an insight into their nail ranges. I have always been a huge fan of nail polish, and have many nail polish colours ranging from inexpensive brands to OPI, come to think of it, I don’t think I own anything more expensive then OPI.

OPI is a great nail colour brand and am constantly amazed by their colour choices. I feel like I need more now! haha (my partner probably thinks otherwise!)

Whats your fav colour to wear? do you have any brands you just love?

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