Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette | Stila

Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette | Stila

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Stila’s ‘The Eyes Are The Window‘* Palette, is the latest addition to my palette collection. This is a brand that I have always wanted to try, but have only ever used one product from. When I first saw this palette I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful choices of colours and combinations of matte and shimmery pigments.

The Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette comes in 4 different styles; Soul, Body, Spirit and Mind. I opted for the ‘Soul’ style, as I found that the colours in this was more me as I love nude, pinky/purple colours.

The first thing I wanted to applaud is the ahh-maa-zing packaging! Emphasis on the amazing! It is a truly beautifully unique, designed casing with a mix of rose, yellow and white golds. Ahh, Bliss. It’s honestly so beautiful! It also has an incredibly large mirror, which makes for easier application on the go! When I was a bridesmaid, I applied my makeup just using this one mirror, I promise you I’m not joking, no big wall mirror was used that day! It’s honestly the best mirror inside of a palette I’ve ever seen.

I really love the colour choices; I seriously feel that every colour is a colour I would use on a daily basis, and I’m very particular and not very adventurous in my colours, so for me, thats incredible! A BIG plus from me! 


The pigmentation of this palette is the best I’ve seen in a long, longgggg while. Although I have a couple of high end palettes, but I am just really loving this one!

The colours are so easy to blend! I am not in any way, shape or form, a prof eyeshadow applier. I just sort of wing it and it seems to work for me, but I find these super duper easy to blend! So hopefully if you’re as useless as me, it’ll work out for you! However, if you aren’t, please oh please tell me how to blend better!

The price of this is around $41 depending on where you purchase it from. So its not unbelievably expensive, but its not dirt cheap either. I live in Australia which means pretty much every single beauty product is $20 more than other countries, which btw sucksssss, so I got this for around $75. *Biiig Sadface*

I want to make a lot of different looks with this palette, so when I get my light, (WHICH I JUST BOUGHT!) I’m thinking of doing some tutorials over on my youtube channel! A week or so and I’m back baby! Yay! *Does happy dance*

Have you used any Stila palette before?!

Did you loveeee it as much as I did?!

Do you have any other recommendations for palettes? Let me know in the comments! <3

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