My Completely Stripped Back Skincare Routine

My Completely Stripped Back Skincare Routine

Lately my skin has been in need of some TLC. I’m fortunate that I only suffer from hormonal acne, but I do have a lot of rugged bumps and uneven red bits of my skin that I’ve wanted to change. I also do have fairly sizeable pores. Like, I’m talking Grand Canyon sized pores…. Now hows that for a mental image! ( You’re welcome ) I’ll also start off by saying I have combination skin. I tend to get quite dry but I do have the good ole’ classic oily t-zone.

Because of this, I was using quite a lot of products on my skin every night. It wasn’t until I noticed that my skin wasn’t getting any better, and it became more red, and more dull and everything I tried to rectify in the beginning! It was super frustrating.

Soooo, with that all in mind, I decided to completely strip back my routine! This is something that I thought would deffs benefit my skin a lot.

I also decided to go back on products aimed at sensitive skin as I was using too harsh products, and I just think that contributed to my skincare routine failing 🙁

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REN Gentle Cleansing Gel*


Ren has always been a skincare brand that my skin has always enjoyed me using. Although a little bit more on the pricer side, ( $49 a pop) I do genuinely believe it is totally worth it!

The evercalm range is the sensitive range from REN. They’re free from any ingredients that are known to cause skin sensitivity or unkind to our skin! What more could you want?!

This cleanser is a beautifully soft and smooth gel and smells incredibly fresh. A little goes a long way with this cleanser, which I love, and the label doesn’t go all the way around the bottle, so you can catch a peek at the left over product! <3 <3

Mario Badescu – Facial Spray*

To be completely honest with you, I don’t actually know if this is classified as a toner or not, but I really love this product. I love the smell, and how fresh it makes my skin feel.

Mario Badescu is a brand ive wanted to try for a very long time. I first knew them for their drying lotion for acne and have been wanted tot try the brand ever since.

The best thing about this is it was so cheap! I believe this product was only $9. Eeeek!

SUKIN – Calming Night Cream

This is a brand new product to my collection and am super happy with it. It’s a very thick cream, but doesn’t weigh my skin down. It is an organic Australian brand.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in the hydration of my skin and after this dries, my skin is super soft and plump.

At around $20, I think it is an appropriately priced product.

My friend actually recommended me this, and I am deffs going to dive more into this skincare brand.

And thats literally it! I am in love with my skincare routine at the moment. I am going to start putting back serums into my skincare routine soon, and I will be doing an updated one when I do that!

I hope this was helpful to anyone considering stripping back their routine.

I think it helps when you’re not sure what you were using to make your skin react.

If you have any questions, let me know!

What is in your skincare routine?! 🙂 xx

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