Clinique | Christmas Box Gift Set & Free Gift

Clinique | Christmas Box Gift Set & Free Gift

Clinique’s Moisture Surge moisturiser has always been a good favourite of mine. I honestly forgot how amazing it was when I switched back to it a couple of weeks ago after trying something different, so when I saw the Clinique’s Christmas Box Gift Set, I knew I’d be stupid not to pick it up! Especially when I got $115 worth of products for only $70!!! That’s amazing!!!! You can get it here. 

Story Time: I originally bought this a couple of weeks ago, however, upon staying somewhere (in a motel) for Fords birthday, I left it there and then the cleaners said they couldn’t find it when they cleaned up, so I had to re-buy it….to say I was disappointed would be a great understatement!

Included in the boxset is:

– The Moisture Surge | Moisturising Gel – RRP $60
– The Moisture Surge | Overnight Mask (Travel Size)  – RRP $52 (Full Size)
– All About Eyes | Eye Cream (7ml)- RRP $92 30ml
– Chubby Stick | Woppin’ Watermelon – RRP $36

The Moisturising Gel is the most amazing moisturiser I have ever used – It is honestly a miracle worker. I have very dry skin with an oily t-zone and this moisturiser lessens the dryness of my skin without making my T-Zone more oily! I love the feel of gel moisturisers as I feel like it seeps into my skin without weighing down, which is something no-one likes! It is also the softest formula I have ever put on my skin and a little goes a very very long way, so your little tub will last you months upon months!

The Overnight Moisture Surge Mask is one of the most amazing overnight face masks I’ve used. So simple to use, your skin feels so nourished, smooth & plump when you wake up and its just amazing. I probably put it on too much now that I love it so much! A must have for anyone with dry, dehydrated skin!!!!

The ‘All About Eyes Eye Cream’ was the first eye cream I got my hands on last year, when they bought out the gift set box. At first, I had huge, puffy dark circles under my eyes, and almost always looked tired. I never, ever used an eye cream! I honestly always thought they were just for older people…boy was I wrong! Now, after using this amazing eye cream, my skin feels amazing; its so soft…I just can’t comprehend it!!!! I have also noticed that my under eyes aren’t as baggy as they usually were!

The Chubby Stick | Whoppin’ Watermelon is an amazingly moisturising tinted lip balm that gives you colour whilst keeping your lips all moisturised and plump. I always put this on before bed, and it seems to just last all night – even with the fan on! I also love wearing this in the day, when I just want a simple, subtle daytime look.

This has been, by far, the best christmas gift box set I have ever bought. I have bought this every Christmas that it has been out, and I hope so bad that next year I will be able to continue on with my Clinique Gift Box Set Tradition!

The next amazing thing about buying the gift set, was because of the products that were included, I was eligible to get a free gift, as apart of their promotion. I love free beauty products! 

Clinique ‘Hefty Highlight’ Sculpting Highlight. 
Clinique ‘Chubby Lash, Fattening Mascara’
Clinique ‘Even Better, Dark Spot Corrector”
Clinique Scrubbing Cleanser (No Photo) 
I have tried out the Highlighter and the Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara before, as I own both of them, but I am yet to try out the dark spot corrector. I also have used the Scrubbing cleanser, however, I have seem to have lost it, hence the no-show in the photo! 🙁 I am super sad about that because it was a lovely scrub. It wasn’t too harsh, but it did the job. It also didn’t make my skin go red, and I have pretty sensitive skin, so I was deeply impressed by that! The highlight creates a beautiful glistening highlight, and it seems to stay put forever! You don’t need a lot either, so a little goes a long way! As for the Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara, you can read all about how much I love it in a previous blog post I did! 

What have you bought recently that you just can’t get enough of?! :):)

Mikki xx


Mikki xx

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