Bras and Things Shopping Spree


Hello my lovelies!

Today I spent majority of my day at the mall with my mum and sister. It was my first weekend off in almost a year, and it was so nice to get out with them. Dad stayed home to do some house work, he’s a good dad! 😉
Bra’s and things had a sale on where if you buy two items, you get a 3rd for free. Mum bought herself a bra and I got 2 bras as I was in much need of them! We also got the same deal for briefs.
I ended up coming home with;

  • 2 Bras – Light Orange, $59.99 – White and Black lace, $59.99
  • 3 Briefs – Black, $16.99 – White and Black lace, $16.99 – Light Orange, $16.99
I love all lingerie – they make me happy haha
You can look at the whole ‘bra’s and things’ collection here.
Enjoy 🙂
Mikki xx