Best Drugstore Palette?! Maybelline NY Nude

Best Drugstore Palette?! Maybelline NY Nude

Hey guys!


Usually when it comes to eye shadow palettes, I am more inclined to get a high end brand. I just feel like it’s always better, and the pigmentation is better. HOWEVER! I think I have found the best drugstore eyeshadow palette; The Maybelline NY Nude Palette! Now, I might be super late to look at this palette, but I was pretty sceptical.

The palette is full of beautiful nude colours. There is also a really nice gold colour, that I love to wear in summertime. I love the taupe colours on the top row. There are so many transitional colours and shimmery colours. The best of both worlds!

I did a makeup look using this palette over on my youtube channel, if you wanted to check that out!

Mikki xx

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