Beauty Bay Wishlist | Photo Diary

Laura Gellar – The Wearables Baked Eyeshadow Palette – $40.80
Sable – Soft Chocolate; Oyster – Payle Gold; Mulberry  – Dark Pink; Khaki – Soft Metallic Khaki

Hi guys!!!

Lately, I have almost been living on Beauty Bay. If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Bay, then my friend, you are missing out severely!

When I find something I really like, I will usually put it in my cart to make it easier to find later. These are the products that are currently sitting in my cart waiting for a rainy day.

Enjoy my Wishlist!

Algenist – Perfect Clarifying Pore Corrector Mask – $56.2
Complexion perfecting face mask ideal for those who struggle with enlarged pores.

Anna Sui – Rose Cheek Colour Blush – $40.20
 A timeless collection of pink and lilac shimmer and matte pinks

Ellis Fas – Creamy Eyes – E128 Old Pink $34.10

Laura Gellar – Blush n Brighten $33.50 – Golden Apricot
LA Splash Studio Shine Waterproof Matte Lip Lustre – $19.50 – Athena

If you have any of these items, please let me know below in the comments! I’d really like to know how they are before I purchase them! All photos sourced from
What else do you recommend from Beauty Bay?! 🙂 
<3 xx
Mikki xx