Autumn Clothing Wishlist

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First of all, It’s Autumn! YAY! 

I don’t think you know how excited I am that it is autumn over here in good Ol’ Oz. I find so many amazingly beautiful items in winter; I just think everything looks so much more comfy, cozy and deffs stylish. I am honestly not a huge lover of the whole ‘Singlet Shirt & Shorts’ vibe, although, living in a country like Australia where the seatbelt becomes the best branding iron, I don’t seem to have much choice!

Thus, with Autumn being well underway, I thought it would be appropriate to put together a quick Wishlist of some of the products I’m dying to get this colder season! I did one for Summer, so I thought it only fair I do one for Autumn! Lately, my style has changed dramatically, so I’m in the process of a massive wardrobe revamp. What better timing!


1. Nude Cropped Bomber Jacket* – Although, to be honest with you, I think it looks more pink than nude! But, how cute is this bomber jacket? Lately, I have been loving this look. I need to start getting more entwined with the latest fashion! I love how stylish they look and how you can dress it up or down!

2. Hadid Ruffle Knit – I saw this and instantly fell in love. Although, I don’t think I’m brave enough to pull this off, yet. It’s so beautiful though! One day!

3. Simone Jeans – Jeans is something I am always in need of – whether that be because I wore my other pair to death, or I’m going a little more adventurous and buying a different colour – the want for these jeans comes from neither of those, you can never have too many, right? haha

4. Knitted Crop – This is a plain, white/cream knitted crop and I’m in love! I dunno why, but there is just something so lush about knitted crops. Knitted Tank tops? Yes Please!

I am a sucker for knits. I love em’ to pieces and all through winter, I’m like a big, knitted kid. I get so excited over them! It’s quite embarrassing, really…. Also, I am totally diggin’ the turtleneck vibe this year. Anyone else?!

P.s How cute is that ruffled white knit?! *Gasps*

Here are some other items I’m lusting over this fine autumn evening:

Mikki xx

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