Hi there lovely! Welcome to my blog! My name is Mikaela, I am a 24 year old lover of all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle! On a cold dreary winters night, a love for all things beauty and fashion met with a desire to create, which led to the beginning of my now since renamed blog, ‘Mikkileaa’. In early 2017, I decided to do a huge revamp of my blog and with that, came the decision to relaunch and rebrand my once loved name, Mikkileaa. This is when I decided to use my actual name, as I thought it was a lot more personal.

My blog is filled with everything that I love and every now and then you may catch a glimpse of some items that I’m not too fond of. You may also find some more personal posts where I talk about my struggles with body image, self esteem, anxiety and other ‘normal’ daily struggles and my quest to combat them. You can also find me on Youtube, where I love to rave about my most recent beauty picks, fashion and makeup hauls, makeup tutorials, and the odd challenge with friends!

I love singing, playing guitar (well trying too), binge watching Arrow, spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend, lush (although, who doesn’t?!), playing Sims, bubble baths, quaint towns, and anything that is rose gold! I am super bubbly and love to talk, and when you get me talking….well, I don’t ever want to stop! I am also an extremely empathetic person who cries in sad movies, sad songs, and happy movies, and happy songs! Really, I just cry all the time!

I hope you love your stay, and make sure you head over and check out my newly built youtube channel!

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”Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”Jennifer Lee