A Few New House Decor Touches

A Few New House Decor Touches

I absolutely love reading home decor posts. It’s so interesting to find out about other styles, and what others are loving. For our house, we weren’t quite sure about the style we wanted. I’m not really into modern decor or clean lines, etc, but I do love pops of colour, and plants. I think I’ve been told I LOVE provincial and new Hampton styles (which I had to google, because before we moved out, I didn’t know anything about style or styling!)

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just my style I had to find. Mitch and I both had to combine our styles or lack thereof to create one, amazing place we are both now utterly obsessed with. We had never bought¬†anything before now. Because we both moved out of my parents house ( he was living with us) we literally had a bed. That was an ensemble and had no design. It looked like a high mattress. It now has a head board, but my furniture was so boring before! I think I’ve had it since I was like….10?! ( Not the mattress!)

There are a lot of Whites and Greys in our house, with a touch of wood in the living area, office & bedroom. Colour will come later with paintings and decor, etc, but I am loving this simplistic design. I thought I would share some photos of my little place of areas within it, that I am absolutely in love with!

home decor tips
home decor tips


Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little home decor post! I love reading these types of posts, and when my house is completed, I want to also do the same but room by room. If thats a good thing or not! let me know your thoughts! <3

What is your favourite thing about your home?!

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