Sephora Wins Again! Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder

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A while back I bought the Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating powder on a whim as I was super interested in the powdered design. I was SO intrigued! I picked it up not thinking it was going to do much, to be completely honest with you. Boi, how I was soooooo wrong. I was instantly drawn in!

The powder almost feels like sand, and you can either mix it in with your face wash for a more subtle exfoliant, easily soft enough for daily use, or mixed into a paste with water for a more harsher exfoliant.

I first used the powder in my facial cleanser, as I didn’t know how harsh it was. Afterwards, my skin felt so supple, soft and appeared ‘cleaner’ (if that’s a thing haha) I just couldn’t stop touching my face, It was just so soft! I tend to get sensitive in patches as well, especially on the cheeks, and this didn’t irritate my skin whatsoever. Which was soooooo nice! I waited a week before doing it again and this time decided to try it as a paste. This was a lot harsher but DEFFS worth it.

I wouldn’t recommend using it as a paste form if you have super sensitive skin as you may aggravate it. In your facial cleanser once a week would be more than enough, I think!

This has become such a huge part of my weekly skincare routine. I honestly couldn’t tell you when the last time I didn’t exfoliate was. My skin’s appearance is so much better. My pores appear finer, it unclogs all of the gunk from my skin (sorry for that gross mental image haha) so therefore my skin breaks out less. I just overall think that this powder has really won over my skin.

I usually keep this in the shower so I don’t forget to use it, as I have a tendency to forget to use other scrubs such as this one. DERRRRPPPP (A recent post I did on a face scrub I am loving).

What is your favourite exfoliator? Have you tried this particular one from Sephora?! Let me know in the comments! xx


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