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One thing I always forget but I know is super duper important to be a part of my facial routines, are sugar scrubs and masks. I own quite a few, but I just never plan for them, so I never have a lot of time to utilise them to their full potential. I’m trying to take a step back from a fast paced lifestyle and learn to relax more so I think it’s time to incorporate scrubs and masks into my weekly pampering sessions!

So, with that being in the forepart of my mind, I picked up a sugar scrub and a mask by a brand called ‘Organik Botanik Australia’ which is an au’ naturaal brand locally sourced here in Australia. I hadn’t ever heard of this brand before, but my first impression was the beautifully adorable packaging AND it was cheap as chips.  (Like $14.99 – That’s incredible!)

I bought the Brown Sugar Face Scrub -$14.99 and a Charcoal Clay Mask (Which I’ll do another post for as I think they are totally worth having their own posts!)- both at 200g each, and both the same price. (Which is delissshhh)

brown sugar scrub

The brown sugar scrub was so clumped together that when I brought it home and had a closer look, I literally thought I brought home an empty container, and whilst my frown lines were starting to come alive thinking that I’ve just been ripped off to eternity, I opened it to find a huge, big CLUMP of brown sugar. (Like, it looked like a sandcastle.) I grabbed my first handful and smashed it in my half wet palms and smothered it all over my face trying not to get it too close to my nose because, well, who wants to smell sugar for the rest of the day?! No Sireyyy, Not me!

Oh, boy. I loooveeedddd it. It was so luxurious. The oils from the sugar and the water combined with my skin made it super soft and feeling super moisturised. It felt SO good. My gigantic pores appeared smaller and my skin the day after was just as soft as the night before. TOTALLY A HUGE WIN WIN FOR ME.

This scrub has now become part of my weekly routine. You don’t want to use it too much as it is very abrasive and I am very careful around my sensitive patches of my skin which tend to be more on my cheeks and around my forehead. So be sure to try and stay away from your known sensitive spots!

I think the smell is something to get used to. I am not a hugeeee sweet tooth. I do love me a beautiful sweet smelling scent every now and then, but my gosh, I needed a nose plug for this one!

I will add a link for the face mask when I have written up that post, but for now, enjoy a nice cup of tea whilst reading this one!

Have you tried this brand?
What is your favourite scrub?!


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