ARTDECO | Germany’s Best Makeup Brand?

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A couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to some makeup as I was in dire need of some retail therapy, not that I need an excuse to shop for makeup haha and I came across the brand “Artdeco.’ I have seen it around, but I’ve never actually tried it. Theres only one place I know of in Canberra that sells it, and I was lucky enough to be at that shopping centre that day so I thought I would give it a shot!

You can see my ARTDECO Haul I did on my youtube channel here.

One of the workers who was helping us out stated that it was one of the best makeup brands in Germany and across Europe, now I’m not sure how true that is, but I was intrigued, so I picked up a few items!

ARTDECO | Eyeshadow Stylo  – I have never owned an eyeshadow palette where I have to actually select the colours individually, but I always have wanted too! So! When I saw that ARTDECO did them, I was so excited!

ARTDECO | Liquid Eyeliner:  – I have never been a huge liquid liner fan, because truth be told, I am TERRIBLE at applying it. I just can’t replicate my design in my head haha It just never works! But, I wanted to try one out because I want to get better, and the only way that happens is by….well…practicing! Anyone have any tips they can share?! 🙂

ARTDECO | Eyeshadow: I bought two beautiful eyeshadow colours. One is a nice, gold shimmer and the other is a nice deep purple shimmer. Both are super pigmented and stay on lovely! I am in love with these colours!


ARTDECO | Eyeshadow Base:  – I picked up this as it was something Ive been needing/wanting for what seems like forever now! It makes eyeshadow more pigmented and also turns it waterproof! It feels sort of like Benefits ‘porefressional’ primer!

ARTDECO | Eyeshadow Duo: – I have recently become a big fan of eyeshadow pencils, and I have a few small ones from Charlotte Tilbury. I wanted to pick up another one that had a subtle purple tinge to it. This is perfect for that description. It goes on nicely, lasts well and gives off a beautiful purple shimmer!

ARTDECO | Liquid Concealer: – I was in dire need of a concealer, and Ive always wanted to try a concealer with a brush end. I picked this one up in the hope to satisfy that! I love its blend ability, its staying power, and it just looks so natural on my skin. I bought the lightest one and it seems to have been a perfect match!

ARTDECO | Blush Couture:  – This is by far my favourite purchase from ARTDECO. I am in love with the look of this blush. You can see so much detail, and its so elegant and pretty! I love all the colours its combined with, and I just think its the best thing in the world! its so pretty!

I haven’t used it enough just yet to determine whether or not it lives up to the ‘Germany’s Best Makeup brand’ statement, but I can see why it may have got that! I am so happy with all my purchases and I hope, although my bank account doesn’t, that I will buy more in the future!

Have you tried out ARTDECO?! If so, let me know how you went! <3



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