Achievable 2017 Goals | New Years Resolutions

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As 2017 fastly approaches us, like i’m talking tomorrow, I thought I would share my New Years resolutions.

Now, I don’t generally like to call them New Years resolutions, as Im all about starting it now and doing it now as apposed to having to wait until a certain date, but I do find that some people, including myself sometimes, work better when theres a date that they need to ‘start’ it from. (If that makes sense at all!)

1. Improve my health

This is something that I had on my last years resolution that I unfortunately, didn’t achieve. 🙁 I think, I am finally in the right frame of mind, because lets face it, sometimes you need to be! So, I thought this year I would give it another shot. Im not just talking the ol’ ‘get fit’ and ‘eat healthy’ goals, I want to also make more of an effort on my mental health as well.

2. Say Yes to More Things

I feel like this is a somewhat clique goal, but for me, it really matters. As I have mentioned before on multiple posts, I have anxiety that can be pretty bad at times. This year, I want to make an effort to jump out of my comfort zone and try and battle it, by saying yes to more things. I always have FOMO and I think this is the year for me to try and go out for drinks (or drink for me, I don’t generally drink) with friends, or even go to a music festival. Now, that is a BIG jump out of my comfort zone.

3. Focus On My Youtube/Blog More

I am really loving this whole youtube and blogging thing, and April 2017, marks 2 years of having my blog. WOW that has gone so fast, but I haven’t worked on it as well I would have liked. So next year, I will be doing that! I want to post regularly as well as my youtube channel where I want to start maybe vlogging?!

4. Live More In the Moment

One thing I always catch myself doing is, day dreaming about the future as apposed to living in the present. Im always excited about whats to come – moving into my house, moving overseas, an overseas holiday, etc – that I always forget to actually live in the moment, and cherish that time. I feel like I always live in a ‘fantasy world’ and I’m getting sick of that! So, this year will be the year I change that aspect as well!
I didn’t want to make a huge list as I feel its more important, and achievable to have a few small goals as apposed to changing my whole life in one big goal. Do you have any goals, or New Years resolutions, that you are going to try and stick too?!
Let me know in the comments! xx
Mikki xx

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  • such a lovely set of goals, you can tell they're really personal and you'll really grow as a person too. hope you are feeling healthier and happier soon 🙂 xo

  • Aww thank you! What a lovely thing to say! I will be, I know it! ❤😍 I love your blog, btw 🙂 x